An adventurer's class defines their set of skills. A hero may fall into multiple classes, or none at all- in which case, they define their own class. Some classes have strict entry. Becoming a paladin requires years of training, and becoming a wizard requires latent arkane talent. Other classes, like fighter, can be picked up by just about anyone.

List of Classes

This is a list-in-progress of all classes seen or available in Death Dungeon. As classes are a meaningless distinction, new ones may be added at any time as new players define a role that has not previously existed.


Fighter is the most generic class- just about any adventurer can call themselves a fighter, and most heroes fall into a more specific category anyway.



  • Disciplines: The number of subdisciplines is too high for them all to be listed here. See Magic for the list of all magical disciplines.
  • Archmage
  • Cleric

Working Class

Serving Class