Dantern is a small lantern golem adventurer who becomes the David Figure. He appears as an initially minor character in Glando and Socrates Versus The Goblin King where he is a weak but pious servant to the Christ Figure Socrates, his creator.


Dantern is a remarkably small golem, standing about six inches tall. He is a roughly humanoid figure, but made out of glass. A small wax candle burns permanently inside him, illuminating a small radius around him. Dantern cannot control the brightness of his flame, but it gets dimmer the more he is injured.


Dantern does not have much of a background. He was created during the Goblin King adventure. Unlike other golems, Dantern was created from nothingness, making him a unique miracle.

Servant to Socrates

See: Glando and Socrates Versus The Goblin King

When Glando and Socrates find themselves in the goblin king's dungeon, Socrates creates Dantern using the remains of a smashed lantern. The golem recognizes Socrates as a Christ Figure, and decides to serve him in battle. Dantern is not a useful fighter, and is used mainly as a projectile by Socrates. Every time the golem is smashed against a wall, he is resurrected, although he becomes increasingly dimmer and more broken. In the final battle against Duck, Dantern initially tries to save Glando's life. However, as Socrates tries to kill the defenseless Glando, Dantern intervenes. He gives a brief speech, then immolates the three adventurers, including himself, with Vorgian fire.


Dantern is a pious and dutiful spirit who strives to understand his new world and make it a better place. He is a loyal being, but above all is dedicated to doing good, so he turns against those who are evil. Dantern prefers to resolve his conflicts peacefully, whenever possible. 

Relationships With Others

  • Socrates of Delveron- Dantern is initially very loyal to Socrates, attempting to follow his commands without second thought. However as Dantern comes to understand his world, he realizes that Socrates is evil, and is forced to destroy his master.
  • Glando d'Arby- Dantern is kind to Glando, and often cooperates with him to his master's chagrin. Dantern sees the good in Glando but also realizes that the thief is a complex, morally grey figure too.