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Death Dungeon is a universe established in a mid-fantasy setting, where magic, madness, and possibility pervade the landscape and its denizens. In the world of Parada, everyone is the hero of their own story, and every story is worth telling. As the history of Parada progresses, every hero's story intertwines to move several broader plotlines.

Some Pages

Here is a list of pages to start off, that each link to a broader list of topics.

Published Works

A list of all the stories, books, comics, video games, etc. that take place in the Death Dungeon universe.


A list and brief description of every character who has appeared in Death Dungeon, no matter how minor.


A picture of the world map, as well as descriptions and links to all the kingdoms, cities, and towns of the known world.


Links to every campaign, and lists other events crucial to the formation of the world.


Lists all races (species) that are playable and/or sentient.


Lists all classes that have been used or that can be used.


An umbrella page for all items in Death Dungeon.


An umbrella page for all types of magic in Death Dungeon.

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