DUCK the goblin king is the ruler of the goblin kingdom located within Parada.


Duck is much taller than an average goblin, and is larger than most humans, due to his enchanted crown. As a Paradian goblin, he has green skin. He wears a set of iron armor and a golden crown. Duck is brutish, and is a renowned warrior among goblins (mostly due to being twice as tall as any other goblin).


Most of Duck's backstory has not been revealed yet. Duck was king before Herald's Conquest. When King Herald marched on Athomire, Duck refused to yield. The goblin kingdom was destroyed, and Duck and the remaining goblins moved underground. Duck bided his time, hoping one day to rise up and take back his lands. At an unknown time in the past, Duck was crowned by the prophet Egen in a secret ceremony beneath the mountain.

Glando and Socrates

See: Glando and Socrates Versus The Goblin King

In the year 285, the adventurers Glando d'Arby, Socrates of Delveron, and Dantern the lantern golem end up exploring the underground caves of the goblin kingdom after falling into a drainage tunnel. After a brief and bloody adventure, the heroes arrive in Duck's throne room. Not knowing how the goblin king will treat them, the adventurers react apprehensively; however, Duck greets them with open arms. The peace is short-lived, however, as the treacherous Socrates attacks Duck. Duck is murdered, but the adventurers bring a quick end to each other.

Duck's Return

See: "Death of a Goblin King"

After Duck's murder, a squad of goblins comes across the scene. One of the goblins wears Duck's crown and is transformed, becoming indistinguishable from the old Duck. He declares that he is Duck now, and calls Goodwin before him to answer for Duck's fall.


As seen during Glando and Socrates, Duck is a benevolent and peaceful ruler who cares about the well-being of his people. He is a wise and strategic ruler, biding his time despite his immense anger toward the humans. He is a kind host to Glando and Socrates even after what they had done.  The new Duck appears to be much crueler, threatening the other goblins and calling Goodwin before him to be punished.

Relationships With Others

  • Goodwin- Duck has a deep respect for Goodwin, as every immoral king needs an incorruptible hero. Although Goodwin does not always agree with Duck and challenges the king on some issues, Duck respects the paladin and trusts no one more than Goodwin.
  • King Herald- Duck despises King Herald for absorbing the goblin kingdom and driving its denizens underground. Duck intends to one day rise up against Parada and become a sovereign kingdom again.
  • Socrates- Duck is gracious when Socrates arrives, likely because he wasn't yet informed of the dark elf's actions. However as soon as Socrates turns cloak, Duck is ready to end him.