Goodwin is a goblin paladin and a hero of Duck's Kingdom. He is the incorruptible hero archetype to Duck's immoral king archetype.


Like most goblins, Goodwin is extremely short, standing no more than half the height of an average human. He has green skin, like all Paradian goblins hailing from Duck's kingdom. Goodwin wears a custom-fitted set of paladin's armor with an orange plume. 


Goodwin was an ordinary goblin, up until the year 278. The legendary paladin Sir Ourris Gylbar, serving under King Herald, announced that he would be undertaking a campaign to slay Duck the goblin king. As Sir Ourris was travelling through the goblin homeland, he encountered Goodwin at a river crossing. Although weak, Goodwin was a loyal subject and tried to stop the paladin. In a freak accident, Goodwin broke the bridge that Sir Ourris was standing on, killing the paladin. To Goodwin's confusion, he was hailed a hero among goblins, and was made a paladin by Duck.

Glando and Socrates

See: Glando and Socrates Versus The Goblin King

Goodwin first appears in Glando and Socrates Versus The Goblin King. As Glando and Socrates travel through Duck's dungeon, Goodwin leads a squad to confront them in the arena. Glando and Socrates destroy his squad, but Goodwin survives, because bad guys can't kill heroes.

After Duck

See: "Death of a Goblin King"

After Duck is murdered by Glando and Socrates, a squad of goblins wander upon the scene. One of the goblins wears Duck's crown and becomes the new Duck, physically indistinguishable from the old Duck but much crueler. Duck summons Goodwin to his throne room, blaming him for the old king's death.


Goodwin is chivalrous and loyal, but he is not afraid to challenge his superiors when they make questionable or immoral decisions. Goodwin is renowned among goblins for standing up for what he knows. He cares greatly not just for his own kingdom, but for all the people of Parada, and does whatever he can to make the world a better place.

Relationships With Others

  • Sir Ourris- Goodwin challenges the knight to save his people, but bears no ill will to him. He tries to save Ourris from drowning.
  • Glando and Socrates- Goodwin hates the duo, who he considers vandals. He despises them for killing his king, and carries a lot of guilt for failing to stop them.