King Herald is ruler of the kingdom of Parada. He united most of the previous kingdoms of continental Parada through conquest and has been ruling ever since.


Herald is of average height and has short grey hair. He normally wears a steel chestplate and a scarlet robe. His crown, an ancient artifact called Corona, is made of a silver-gold alloy and adorned with various gems and runes. The front and centermost gem is a perfectly shaped opal sphere. Herald is never seen without his crown.


Herald was born in the small kingdom of Parada, now called Old Parada to distinguish from the modern-day empire. At the time, Parada was only one of ten kingdoms on the continent. When Herald was around thirty years old, the king of Parada died. By the customs of Old Parada, any warrior in the king's court can replace him, and the successor is chosen in a tourney. Herald won and became king.

Old Parada was by far the smallest of the kingdoms, having only one major city. Herald won the respect of his people by promising them a great empire. He said that his new kingdom would be a paradise, and that he would not rest until everyone could be part of that paradise. Old Parada declared war on the other kingdoms in order to amalgamate them into the empire. After a long and bloody conquest, most of the continent fell under the rule of Parada. King Herald declared the year of his victory the "First Year of Paradise," beginning the new calendar.

Most details of King Herald's story are unknown, most notably how he has survived for centuries after his victory.


Herald is ambitious and wants nothing less than to rule the world. Despite being a ruthless conqueror, Herald is truly just misguided. He truly believes that he is an altruist, as the world will only be perfect once it is united. He is blinded by his ambition and brings ruin in his path to greatness.

Relationships With Others

  • King Herald has not yet been seen interacting with anyone