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This page is for all unique items in Death Dungeon that are very important, or at least noteworthy enough to be considered one of a kind.


Goodwin's HOLY SWORD!

A miniature HOLY SWORD! owned by Goodwin the goblin. It was originally found in a lost dungeon beneath the forest of Losanghosville.

Sir Ourris Gylbar's HOLY SWORD!

A HOLY SWORD! originally owned by Sir Ourris Gylbar. He found his sword in an abandoned storehouse and used it to kill the Basilisk of Albanum. The sword is currently in Duck's treasury.


Armor includes both complete sets, or parts of armor sets such as helmets, gauntlets, chestplates, and boots.

Duck's Crown

The crown of Duck the goblin king, which grants Duck immortality and the powers of a goblin king.







Other Weapons

Gilded Sickle

A farming tool coated in gold, given to Socrates of Delveron by the goblin farmer Zyt. The artifact became sought after by collectors following the War of Light.


Artifacts/Other Items

Bag of Infinite Knives

A bag owned by Glando d'Arby which automatically refills with throwing knives whenever it runs out.

Gainzo's Song

The song Gainzo plays to please the universe. Mortals cannot hear the song without having their faces melted.

Pygmalion's Locket

A locket given to Pygmalion by Galateo. The locket is a phylactery for Galateo's soul.