Ordnar Egai was a spear fisherman from Deleanor whose life is changed when his village is destroyed.


Ordnar Egai looks like an ordinary guy. He has blonde medium-length hair and blue eyes, is six feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. In his debut, he wears ill-fitting guard's armor and wields a fishing spear as a weapon.


See: "An Ordinary Guy"

Ordnar began as a spear fisherman in Deleanor. When Ordnar is fifteen, Deleanor is destroyed by a strange wizard while Ordnar is out at sea. When he returns to the village in the middle of the wizard's storm, Ordnar's friend Cyril is murdered by the wizard. Ordnar follows the wizard north and runs into a stranger masked within a suit of golden armor. The golden man watches as the wizard confronts Ordnar. Ordnar then duels the wizard, but is surprised to find that the stranger is apparently following a script. When Ordnar wounds the wizard, he flees north with the golden man, saying he is headed to the Dark Forest.


As he is only fifteen in his first appearance, Ordnar is timid but also brave. He is initially ambitious, dreaming of being a knight, but eventually settles for being a fisherman. Ordnar is hesitant to risk his life to duel Nurim, but realizes it is the right thing to do. Ordnar ultimately pursues the wizard because he has nothing left to do with his life.

Relationships With Others

  • Cyril- Ordnar is good friends with Cyril, and is nearly broken by his murder.
  • Nurim of Bronzehearth- Ordnar both fears and detests the wizard that destroyed his home and killed his friend.