Parada is the largest and proudest kingdom of the new world, and the primary kingdom featured in Death Dungeon. The majority of events in Death Dungeon are featured in Parada.


Parada was one of the ancient kingdoms Before Herald, and was one of the smallest kingdoms on the mainland. The kingdom as it existed before the modern era is called Old Parada to distinguish.

In the year 10 BH, King Herald took the throne of Parada after winning the crown in a tournament, as was the custom whenever a king passed. Shortly after taking the throne, Herald announced that he would not rest until the entire world was under the Paradian crown, and declared war on every other kingdom on the continent. 

Despite being entirely outnumbered and outmatched, over the next ten years, Herald conquered seven other kingdoms, placing most of the continent under his crown. Two more kingdoms managed to remain sovereign, and Parada remained at war with Sturheim and the Lilan Peninsula, despite informally ceasing the war efforts.

After the conquest, Herald declared the current year "the first year of Paradise" and established year 0 of the modern calendar. Sixty years later, Herald still kept the throne, and his people became suspicious of his longevity. King Herald publicly declared that Rockput must keep him alive for he is the divinely chosen leader, and that he cannot die while the world still needs him. The average Paradian did not care to question this theory.


Cities, Towns, and Villages