Sir Ourris is a paladin serving under King Herald who was active in the third century.


Sir Ourris is a human of average height with a strong build. Upon becoming a paladin, he wears a set of steel armor with a ruby sigil and a matching red plume. His dark iron boots are enchanted to always keep him on his feet.


Before becoming a paladin, Sir Ourris was a squire known only as "the Kindly," a title which he resents. He was tasked with guarding the village of Albanum and was expected to die for the village if the need arose. When a Goliath known as the Basilisk of Albanum attacked the village, Sir Ourris prepared to fight the monster. He picked up a random sword in the storehouse, and it was transformed into a holy sword, which he then used to slay the beast.

Upon hearing of his victory, King Herald declared Ourris a paladin and raised him to the Realm's Guard, an elite class of paladins who protect Parada. Sir Ourris then wandered the kingdom to help people, becoming a somewhat celebrity. Eventually, Sir Ourris decided to gain even more glory by venturing into the ruins of Athomire, and slaying the goblin king.

Assault on the Goblin Kingdom

See: "Sir Ourris and the Bridge"

Shortly into his quest to slay the goblin king, Sir Ourris comes across a bridge guarded by a lone, unprepared goblin. Ourris explains that he is traveling on orders from King Herald to kill the king, and demands the goblin stand aside, preferring to spare the goblin if given the choice. The goblin refuses to yield- he declares that his name is Goodwin, and that he will protect his king. The goblin brandishes a stick like a sword and stands guard at the end of the bridge.

As Sir Ourris charges the bridge to duel Goodwin, the goblin strikes the planks in front of him and the bridge unexpectedly snaps. Sir Ourris is trapped in the river, as his enchanted boots weigh him down. Goodwin tries to save him but cannot get help in time. As Sir Ourris drowns, he thinks about what he has lost and forgives the goblin.


Sir Ourris is undeniably brave, as he was ready to die to save Albanum. While outwardly he seems to be worthy of the honors he has gathered, the paladin is occasionally brash and slightly arrogant. Nevertheless, he always tries to do the right thing. When he is killed, he finds the strength to forgive his accidental murderer.

Relationships With Others

  • Goodwin- Sir Ourris is only ever seen interacting with Goodwin. He initially dismisses the goblin as an insignificant monster. He wishes to spare Goodwin, but has no qualms about killing him when he stands in the way. Once Sir Ourris knows he is doomed to die in the river, he forgives Goodwin and wishes for him to become a knight.