The following is an incomplete history of everything, including both DD adventures and random historical facts.


Before Herald

Years 0-99

  • Year 0: Herald unites several sovereign kingdoms under a single flag, and declares the current year “The First Year of Paradise,” beginning the standard calendar.
  • Year 2: After conquering most of the continent, Herald founds a town for up-and-coming adventurers, aptly named First Town. ("The Call to Adventure")

The 100's

The 200's

The 300's

The 400's

The 500's

The 600's

The 700's

The 800's

The 900's

Year 1000

  • Year 1000: The universe inevitably ends, as it was always going to
  • Some time later: Gainzo and a storyteller share a campfire and tell the story of the universe. A final choice is made. ("The Past Is Prologue")