Parada, not exactly a paradise.

A full map of Parada is coming soon. Below are a list of all known/mentioned cities and towns in the known world. More towns will be added in the future.

Towns marked with an asterisk have been destroyed or otherwise wiped out.

Kingdom of Parada

Parada, not exactly a paradise, or something. Here's a list of cities in Parada:

Main Kingdom

The Ruby Hills

The Ivory Coast

The Highlands

Western Parada

Central Parada (Old Parada)

Ruins of the Goblin Kingdom

Ruins of Yldeinstel

Lilan Peninsula (Contested)

The Dwarven Cities (Contested)


The Duchy of Sturheim is next door to Parada, and full of french stereotypes.


Kjolvarfell, an archipelago of nearly lawless vikings.


Hyperborea is a frozen wasteland, but there's actually a bit of life there.


Tornada is a perfectly square one mile long island of dirt. It is constantly plagued by tornadoes. Like, they never stop, ever.

  • No cities. Just dirt.


Ostrax is a scary swamp island west of Parada. So far, it has served only as foreshadowing. It's the orc homeland, or something.

  • Any cities, towns, or villages are unknown to Parada

Beyond the Waste

The Waste is a big boring desert east of the kingdom of Parada.


Stagein* is an island south of Parada with a dead civilization. Cool ruins though.

  • Nothing, yet


Nylenhil, also known as Whore Island, is a frightening archipelago full of skinchangers.

  • No one's ever gone there


Soryan is a kingdom across the Doughnut Sea. They used to have a bunch of dragons, but now all they have is dargons.


Quancheng is a kingdom east of the Doughnut Sea, and is probably a huge conglomerate of asian-based cultures, but no one has gone there.

  • Nothing, yet

The Desert of Ja

Desert of Ja* is home to the Ejyptian culture, but unfortunately that's all I know right now.

The Shadow Land

There weren't enough evil things in Parada, so this region has all of those evil things, and more.

The Necropolis

The Necropolis is a city of the dead underneath the entire world. It's super huge, and time doesn't exist inside.